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MEMORIA e RISONANZA dei Cluster nell'ACQUA  (English)

WATER - Aqua-resonance - NanoCluster Resonant Water - (By dr. Lee Lorenzen) 

Dr. Lorenzen has discovered a process which locks water into symmetrical cluster rings. This has a direct impact on the efficiency of cellular absorption of water, and to optimize coherent cellular communication.
This water is taken as a water supplement in ones diet. Dr. Lorenzen's publicly released and copyrighted (1995) work on water is excellent in its research and depth of modern scientific reference material.
An array of information from varied universities is presented including Stanford University, Moscow Institute of Science, University of Toronto... etc.

The presence of water clusters is well documented. He notes that one of the first modern researchers to document the powerful physical activity of organized water was Dr. Julia Goodfellow with the Department of Chrystallography at Birbeck college, London, England. Ling's theory of structured water is presented as the most prominent scientific work which stresses the importance of structured water in cellular systems. We see enzymes described to function as "field-effect electronic/protonic elements in the execution of chemical reactions", as Coherent Transmission Theory is explained. More testimony is given to confirm that water has a "memory", such as the studies done by Dr. C.W. Smith of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Salford in England. Dr. Valerie Hunt's study at UCLA of the human energy field being a result of cellular resonant energy release is discussed. Furthermore with cellular resonance, it is documented that the absorption spectra for DNA is 42 octaves above the C tone (C=256 Hz), with all living processes functioning at 42 octaves above the C=64 and the F above C=512. In the water seed concentrate products called Aqua-Resonance, 16 different formulations of nanocluster resonant water are created which have crystalline hexagonal, pentagonal, or septagonal water rings. By introducing water with a cellular structure already imbedded in it, cellular absorption of the water is enhanced.

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Water - ACQUA - (by Dr. Karl Maret)
The Bio-Com Process
Dr. Maret is involved with a multi-process approach to revitalize water with a company Bio-Com Inc. of Edmond, OK. This includes processes which increase the PH, use of a Flowform, addition of trace minerals, an electromagnetic process, and the geometrical combining of oxygen and silica.
An insight that is emerging in the biological water sciences is that the real intelligence of the cell resides not in the genetic information the nucleus, which simply acts as the hard-wired programming template for a wide variety of possible cellular activities, but in the complex network of unique receptor protein embedded in the cell membranes. These specialized proteins are responsive to a host of environmental influences including chemicals, light, sound and other electromagnetic energy such as radio waves or microwaves, and often at a quantum physical level of sensitivity. It is the way in which biologically structured water interacts with the cellular membrane and the cells' complex protein receptor and effector molecules with which cellular communication occurs.
"With a system of such sensitivity, specificity and adaptability, we are now beginning to respect the importance that water plays in our bodies to create health through its interaction with our cellular membrane receptor proteins and subsequently our very DNA. The process is not simply chemical, but equally important, is biophysical and at a quantum level of sensitivity. It is therefore not only important how clean our water is from the chemical perspective, but how "clean" it is from a phyiscial energetic perspective. In ohter words, that it has a degree of right information" or coherence that is supportive of life processes.

The Bio-Com process creates a condensed seed water which is added to ones own drinking water. An summary of the process to create this water is as follows. Trace minerals are added to distilled water.
The pH of the water is brought to about 8. This simultaneously raises the zeta potential within the water. Zeta potential is the physical property exhibited by any colloidal porticle that is held in a state of supspension or emulsion due to its surface charge being is countact with the water or liquid medium.

The next step injext 99.99% pure conditioned oxygen into the water. For lack of a better term, this "coherant oxygen" or "electically-conditioned oxygen" is added to the vortexially spinning water. This entire process opens up the water through the dissolved oxygen to the subsequent magnetic effects and electromagnetic conditiong carried out in the next phase of water processing.

This water is then exposed to special crystals which are vibrating through as a result of application of specific radio frequencies (depending on the effect desired). Oxygen aligns in a tetrahedreal arrangement with Silica. This spatial arrangement, which is shared within water, may be responsible for the ability of water to be conditioned by quartz crystal energies. To stabilize these resonant energetic conditions within the water, small amounts of sodium, potassium, magnesium and silica are added to the water.

The final stages of the Bio-Com process involve a proprietary magnetic stabilization process wherein the water flows through specially designed magnetic energy devices affectionately nicknamed "Big Bertha".
The process is to treat water such as would happen as water flows through different strata of the earth's tectonic plates whiled being acted upon by the earth's magnetic field. This proces takes between 12 and 48 hours.

Dr. Karl Maret Gabor Technology Gabor technology is summed up as a high-speed spin nebulization and recondensation process for liquid media. It was developed by the German engineer/inventor Dieter Gabor over the last 10 years with patents being granted in the last two years (as of December 1994).

"The method consists of the specialized application of centrifugal forces existing in a manifold within a rapidly rotationg flywheel to draw water from a reservoir and bring it into a gaseous form with subsequent recondensation. Specifically, fluid is sucked into a rotation nozzle attached to a uniquely constucted flywheel and is then sprayed centrifugally outwards in a nebulized form into a fog or recondensation chamber of special construction. The recondensed fluid medium is led back to a larger holding chaber to be recirculated through the apparatus.

"After a 30 minute treatment at speeds exceeding 25,000 rpm the fluid achieves a new state characterized by unusual physical, chemical and biological properties. Notable among these is high oxygen saturation, extremely low carbon dioxide solubility, and suppressed microbial growth. The activated water appears to significantlty affect colloidal systems leading to the promise of the creation of unique chemical combinations which may be useful in irreversibly binding environmental pollutants. Stimulation of the colloidal equilibrium within living systems has led to many anecdotal reports of well-being in plants, animals and humans who consumed or were treated with this water.
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